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Who we are.

“My name is Phillip Fouché, and I am a filmmaker.” It started out with making videos for churches and small businesses. There I discovered how much I enjoy telling stories. As my passion for filmmaking grew I decided to go full-time. Philmeist is now a registered video production company situated in Pretoria, South Africa.

What we do.

We produce unique & captivating videos for businesses, schools, churches, bands, individuals, couples and even families. 

We love documenting precious moments, telling stories and producing high quality content.


Whether it's marketing content, events, conferences or year-end functions, we have you covered.


At Philmeist we tell stories. We love to document all the profound & special moments of your day and produce a high quality cinematic video that moves you; make you feel the emotions again. We have you covered.


We love working with churches to make exciting videos that helps spread the message. Whether it's a fresh take on your church announcements, marketing content for social media or the promotion of your next event, we have you covered.


Real Estate another industry we have committed to film. When it comes to "buttery-smooth" videos of houses/agencies, we have you covered.

Our Work.

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